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Digifolios* and Personal Learning Spaces- building a professional ID in the 21st century


We live in an era of individual “personalization and customization”. The read and write web has helped develop a new concept - “do it yourself and your own way” .  The phenomenon has had implications in our society at different levels - from the way people learn to the new, emerging jobs and employment needs. The workshop aims to help members become aware of the way the web can empower the individual not only to learn, but also to present what, how and with whom he/she learns. 



Target Audience

The workshop is aimed at teachers and trainers who already have some initial experience with web 2.0 environments and online communities and who would like to explore the experience in depth and in a collaborative way.




The Electronic Village Online is a project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section.

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc.




* We came across the concept Digifolios when attending the Digifolio Seminar. We thought this would be an appealing word to describe part of our workshop. As for Personal Learning Spaces, what we really aim is to explore spaces through the use of web tools and applications and convert them into rich learning environments, in which one's digifolio (reflection component) will be a crucial component of one's Lifelong Learning.


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